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CR1 Visa in Thailand

CR1 Visa in Thailand

The CR1 Visa is a 'conditional resident' visa and you can apply from Thailand and file the application directly with the USCIS in Bangkok if the US Embassy views you as a resident of Thailand. If they do not view you are one then the application needs to be made from the US. Speak to us today about your CR1 Visa from Thailand.

To start the process you need to file a I-130 petition at the office of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service in Bangkok. Once USCIS receives this documentation they will send you a notice to state that it has been received and this is called a 'Notice of Action 1'. Once the process is complete and it is approved the attorneys will receive a 'Notice of Action 2'.

The application is then sent to the National Visa Center for further processing. They will then investigate the application and ask for whatever documents are still needed and what needs further attention. The process for the CR1 is longer than the average K1 Fiancee Visa. Background checks are done and once complete the documentation will be sent to Bangkok for further attention.

At this stage of the process an interview needs to be conducted in Bangkok and normally the attorney would also be present at the interview to ensure that everyone understands the process and the reasoning for the all the questions. It is the task of the Embassy to ensure that the relationship is real and that there is nothing which would create problems later.

It is at this stage that the visa is either denied or granted. Speak to us at Law Firm about obtaining a CR1 visa for your loved one. With offices in all the major cities of Thailand we are best able to serve your needs in a cost effect and professional manner. Call us on our toll-free US number or speak to us online - now- on our main website.

Do it now and obtain that CR1 Visa.

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