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July 29, 2012

Thai Marriage Visa

Thai Marriage Visa

If you are married to a Thai national then you can live in Thailand with your Thai spouse on a Thai Marriage Visa. This visa is issued at a Thai Embassy and is valid for 3 months only. Once this visa has been issued it is valid for 3 months when you enter Thailand and can be extended in Thailand at Thai Immigration if you meet the financial requirements for the marriage visa. The following documents are needed for you marriage visa application.

You need these documents when you apply for the marriage visa at the Thai Embassy:

1. Copy of you passport with the photo showing;

2. Copy of Marriage Certificate.

3.  Copy of House Registration. (Thai National Spouse)

4.  Copy of I.D. (Thai National Spouse)

5.  Copy of Birth Certificate (If there is any children)

6. Application Form (T.M. 7)

7. The applicant’s 2×2 inches photo.

These documents will get you the 3 month marriage visa for Thailand. In order to extend this visa into a 1 year visa you need to have the following at Thai Immigration in Bangkok. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand as the rules and laws do change with regards to requirements on an annual bases.

1. Proof of income not less than 40,000 baht per month  or 400,000 baht in a Thai bank account, these funds must have been in the account for a minimum term of 2 months.

2. Personal Corporation income Tax (PND.1) in latest 3 months and personal income tax for previous year with receipt

3. Recording interviewing the husband and wife for confirming status of husband and wife

4. Map to where the house is located

5. Picture of house and family

The above mentioned allows you to live in Thailand for 1 year however if you plan on working the work permit will make the visa null and void and the process needs to be started again. Check with an immigration lawyer in Thailand for guidance as once this visa is granted you need to report to immigration every 3 months with your updated home address.

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