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November 9, 2010

US Tourist Visa

US Tourist Visa

Obtaining a US Tourist Visa for a  Thai citizen is not as difficult as obtaining a fiancee visa or a spouse visa. The time frames are much shorter. The US B2 Tourist Visa is usually issued for a 90 day stay in the United States. Speak to us about your tourist visa for the US for a Thai citizen.

The most difficult part of the application is getting the US Embassy to understand that you want to return to Thailand when your visit or your friends visit is complete. This can be very difficult as they have to presume that you or your friends are not going to return to Thailand. That is a major task. Safe to say if you have ever overstayed a tourist visa in the US before, the chances of getting back in is next to zero.

To start the process you need to complete a DS-156 tourist visa application form at the US Embassy in Bangkok. What would also be needed would be proof that the person would be returning to Thailand once the visit is done. This could include a stable job, car or a house in your name. Usually Thai's who have well paying jobs tend to have less of a problem than those who don't.

Do however note that trying to dodge the immigration laws will have fines and prison sentences attached to it. Taking your girlfriend over to the US on a tourist visa in order to marry her may create problems when she tries and obtain citizenship in the US. The Department of Homeland Security would view such a move as being fraudulent as you have side stepped the normal process for fiancee or spouse applications.

Misusing the US Tourist Visa will not end well for you or your family as the government might very well decide to not only deport the Thai citizen but to also imprison you for fraud.

If you are looking at visiting the US or taking your friend back to meet your family then apply for a tourist visa. Our US immigration attorneys are well versed in the process of tourist visa applications and will be able to assist you and your Thai friends in obtaining a visa. Call us today on our US toll-free number or speak to us live on our main website.

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