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June 6, 2023

Marriage in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand involves several popular aspects and requirements. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Eligibility: Both parties must meet the legal requirements to get married in Thailand. This includes being of legal age (at least 17 years old) and not being closely related by blood or adoption. If one or both parties are foreigners, they must comply with the legal requirements of their home country regarding marriage in Thailand.
  2. Documentation: The required documents may vary depending on the nationality and marital status of the individuals. Generally, the following documents are needed:
    • Passports: Valid passports or travel documents for both parties.
    • Affirmation of Freedom to Marry: Foreigners may need to obtain this document from their respective embassy or consulate in Thailand, stating that they are eligible to marry. It may be called a "Certificate of No Impediment" or a similar document.
    • Divorce or Death Certificates: If one or both parties were previously married, divorce or death certificates may be required to prove the termination of previous marriages.
    • Translations and Legalization: Any documents not in Thai must be translated into Thai and certified by the embassy or consulate of the issuing country in Thailand.
  3. Registration at the District Office (Amphur): The marriage must be registered at the local District Office (Amphur). Both parties, along with at least two witnesses, must appear in person at the Amphur to complete the registration. The ceremony can be conducted at the Amphur or at a separate location if desired.
  4. Religious or Cultural Ceremonies: Couples may choose to have a religious or cultural ceremony in addition to the civil registration. These ceremonies can be held at a temple, church, or other appropriate venues. It's important to note that these ceremonies may not have legal standing unless the civil registration is completed.
  5. Marriage Certificate: After the registration, the District Office will issue a Marriage Certificate. This certificate is proof of marriage and is required for various purposes, such as applying for a spouse visa or changing marital status on official documents.
  6. Translations and Authentication for Foreign Use: If the couple intends to use the Marriage Certificate in another country, it may need to be translated into the desired language and authenticated or legalized by the embassy or consulate of that country in Thailand. The specific requirements for foreign use vary depending on the destination country.

It's important to consult with the District Office or seek guidance from a legal professional or wedding planner who is familiar with the local procedures to ensure compliance with all requirements. The process can vary based on individual circumstances, nationality, and location in Thailand.

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